Radio Millennium Lodge 9709 was Consecrated on November 4th. 2000                         at Urmston Masonic Hall in The Province of West Lancashire.

The initial founders were two members of Lodges that met at Urmston;- W.Bro. Jack Platt G3FEV (who went silent key in December 2009) and W.Bro. Neil Stackhouse G1SCL,  they had drawn up a list of Brothers who were Radio Amateurs, a few of them were also members of the local Trafford Radio Group, and the list grew until they had enough members to be able to approach West Lancashire Provincial Office to form a Lodge for Radio Amateurs.

The membership is slowly growing including members of the Lodge who are not radio amateurs but are interested in other forms of communication, we have a common interest in Amateur Radio and Supporting the Charities.

We have now attended the NARSA rally at Blackpool for the last fifteen years to give an opening for amateurs to see us and ask any questions, both for Masons interested in the Lodge or non masons enquiring about Freemasonry.

Regrettably we have also lost our Secretary W. Bro. R. J. Gill JP. Royston served the lodge as secretary from the beginning and his rendition of the minutes at each meeting was always looked forward to.

We look forward to hearing from you, and a question form is located on the contact page of this website.